Since 1st August 2021 Protector are now members of the IFB

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) is an organisation specifically focused on the detection and prevention of organised fraud. They act as a central hub for sharing insurance fraud data and intelligence.

Being a member of the IFB means we get access to their training portal, counter fraud resources and databases including the Insurance Fraud Register.

Insurance Fraud Bureau


Protector's Fleet Risk Management Academy

After the successful delivery of Module 1 to specific motor fleet clients, we have shared the full course on our brand new website.

Module 1 offers an introduction to the wider fleet risk programme focusing on, risk factors by road type, incident reporting, suitable & sufficient risk assessment, policy development and how effective leadership can improve driver safety performance.


Whiplash Reforms

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Whiplash Reforms came into force on 31st May 2021. The changes were included within the Civil Liability Act 2018 and apply to motor accidents occurring from 31st May 2021. Our FAQ summary tells you what you need to know.