The ‘Driven to Distraction' campaign was designed to respond directly to a trend of large motor losses that happened across our UK motor insurance portfolio during 2020/21.

Although we were pipped to the winners post, it's great to get industry recognition for all of the work we do with clients and brokers to improve risk. 

What are the issues with distracted driving?

Distracted  drivers do not have sufficient time to take evasive action such as braking or swerving to avoid the crash and the results can be catastrophic, especially if vulnerable road users are involved.

Distracted driving may not appear to be as dangerous as drink driving but the severity of the crash can be just as bad due to the speed involved. It’s like being asleep at the wheel.

We implemented the campaign using a distracted driving awareness online toolkit. The resources includes live and pre-recorded training webinars, guidance documents/awareness posters, a sample distracted driving policy and manager checklist.

Campaign highlights: