As we reflect on the insightful journey of our Risk Management Academy in 2023, we're thrilled to share key takeaways from the three impactful webinars that shaped our understanding of risk in the modern era. Our webinars delved deep into critical aspects of risk management, offering practical insights and strategies to navigate the challenges that businesses face today.

Please use the links below to watch each webinar:

1. Motor – Sustainable Driving Techniques  – live webinar event
Sustainable Driving   Maximising Safety and Efficiency on the Road

In the "Motor – Sustainable Driving" module, we explored the intersection of driver safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Sustainable driving is not just a buzzword; it's a holistic approach that blends advanced, defensive, and eco-friendly techniques. By adopting these practices, drivers can not only enhance their safety but also contribute to reaching ESG targets and mitigating fleet costs. This module aimed to empower participants with the knowledge needed to improve fuel efficiency, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and minimise the risk of accidents or collisions.

2. Liability – Managing Workplace Transport Risks – live webinar event
Workplace Transport Management: - Mitigating Risks in the Transportation Industry

The "Liability – Workplace Transport" module addressed a critical concern highlighted by Statista – 14.3% of fatal workplace accidents in Europe occur in the transportation and storage industry. To counter this alarming statistic, we explored the importance of effective workplace transport management. Implementing protocols and procedures can significantly enhance safety, optimise workflow, and identify areas for improvement. The module provided valuable insights into minimising risks, thereby creating safer and more productive working environments.

3. Property – Lithium-ion Battery Safety Management – live webinar event
Lithium Ion Battery Safety Management -  Charging Ahead in Electric Mobility

With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, our "Property – Lithium Ion Battery Safety Management" module became a crucial guide for businesses. We delved into the necessity of providing charging facilities for employees, emphasising the benefits for sustainability goals and employee satisfaction. The module covered the importance of proper installation, maintenance of charging stations, and employee training on their safe usage. Additionally, we explored the risks associated with charging electric bicycles and other lithium-ion devices, both in the workplace and at home. Our experts shared insights and strategies to ensure the safety of employees and reduce the risk of fire damage to buildings.