Whether commuting to and from work, travelling for business, or going on leisure outings, it is critical to take extreme vigilance during this season. Cold temperatures, slippery conditions, and rainy weather can all combine to create hazardous driving conditions. Consider the following crucial points to secure your safety on the road:

Defrosting the Entire Vehicle: Defrost the entire vehicle, not just the windscreen. Allow plenty of time for this process before embarking on your journey.

Prefer Main Roads and Bus Routes: Choose routes that are likely to be gritted to reduce the danger of experiencing ice conditions.

Mind Your Speed: Adjust your speed to account for potential road dangers such as wet or icy roads and fallen leaves. Increase your following distance to improve response time.

Vehicle Inspection: Inspect your vehicle on a regular basis for overall condition, including tyre pressure and tread, fuel and oil levels, steering functions, and lighting.

Maintain Clear Visibility: To ensure clear visibility, keep your heater and window de-misters turned on. Because of the low-hanging sun this time of year, use sun visors or sunglasses to avoid glare.

Keep an eye on weather forecasts and warnings: Keep up to date on weather forecasts and take precautions. If inclement weather is forecast, where possible limit your trip.

For a comprehensive understanding of winter driving in specific weather conditions, please refer to the attached guidance sheet. Each weather variation brings distinct risks, and thorough familiarisation and preparation can mitigate these risks.