Timeglass på sandstrand

Protector Insurance

A company in rapid growth and development

  • Protector logo

    2004 Protector is established as an insurance company and starts selling insurance products

  • Illustrasjon: utvidelse

    2004 We expand our portfolio and launch Change of Ownership Insurance

  • Protector logo

    2005 From this year onwards, claims are settled in-house

  • GWP icon

    2006 The company experiences strong growth in the municipal sector

  • Oslo Børs

    2007 Protector is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in May of this year

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    2008 The company achieves 26% growth in the commercial market and public sector

  • Illustrasjon: økning

    2009 We can show a 20% increase in total premium revenue

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    2010 Protector surpasses NOK 1 billion in premium revenue

  • Ilustrasjon: Sverige

    2011 Protector expands into Sweden starts selling insurance products

  • Illustrasjon: Danmark

    2012 The company expands into Denmark and starts to deliver insurance products

    We achieve NOK 1.5 billion in premium revenue, 26% growth

  • Illustrasjon: vekst

    2013 23% growth

  • Illustrasjon: vekst

    2014 28% growth

  • Illustrasjon: vekst

    2015 20% growth

  • Illustrasjon: England og Finland

    2016 Protector expands the company into the United Kingdom and Finland and starts to deliver insurance products

  • Illustrasjon: eierskifte

    2018 Protector pulls out of the Change of Ownership Insurance market

  • london office

    2019 The UK opens up a secondary establishment in London. The Manchester office is the HQ.

  • Illustrasjon: vekst

    2019 19% growth

  • Illustrasjon: vekst

    2020 8% growth

  • Illustrasjon: vekst

    2021 8% growth

  • Illustrasjon: vekst

    2022 19% growth