What is motor intervention?

Intervention is an offer to a non-fault party to provide assistance with repairs and a replacement vehicle should it be required. This serves as an alternative to using their own insurance company or the services of an accident management company. 


We are keen to offer intervention services to all non-fault parties in order to keep costs to a minimum. With the average saving of over 50%, this strategy is in line with our DNA of providing cost effective solutions. In respect of hire and repairs, proactive engagement with claimants allows us to control the claim from the outset and at the same timereducing the average cost and lifecycle of the claim.

Our Claims Technicians Leanne Deakin, Hannah Hull and David Holt specialise in this area.

All fault claims are reviewed in order to ensure intervention services are offered within 24 hours of the claim being reported to Protector. Intervention letters are issued as evidence of our repair and hire offering should proof be needed at a later date. We work directly with our clients and brokers to ensure the comprehensive information is at the earliest opportunity.

Should the claimant enter hire on a credit basis, we will proactively monitor the claim with the aim of reducing costs. We regularly monitor the behaviours of credit hire companies  and adapt our strategies to ensure costs are challenged accurately.